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Keep Conquering

Ernest Shackleton changed the course of history and many people's lives when he led the Endurance expedition. 

In our everyday lives, we can do the same. 

Mike's life changed in August 2001, when a random visit to a bookstore changed everything.  On the shelf, he saw this book, Shackleton's Way.  Curious, he picked it up and spent 10 minutes thumbing through it.  Little did he know that this would lead to reading 100+ books on the subject, two trips to Antarctica in 2006, and a career as a storyteller.

Antarctic Mike

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Ernest Shackleton:  The Greatest Leader Or Biggest Failure?

In 1914, Ernest Shackleton led 27 people into Antarctica, only to get stuck and stranded for 2 years, and in the end, everyone came home alive.  Arguably, the greatest story in recorded human history.  On the other hand, Shackleton failed to reach his goal on 4 trips into Antarctica, yet everyone made it home alive, so was he the greatest leader or biggest failure?

I'll let you decide.

Everyone Has An Antarctica. 
What's Yours?

All of us are motivated by different things.  Keep Conquering is a program designed to take you on the journey of leadership, and in the process, help you to discover what really drives you to do great things on and off the job.  Keep Conquering will lead and inspire you to be a better leader, employee, spouse, or parent. 


We Are All Called To Lead.

You may be a CEO, VP, Sales person, manager or front line employee.  While it's true that not everyone is called to be a leader, all of us are called to lead.  Every single day, all of us, regardless of our title, tenure or responsibilities, are called to think on our feet, respond to change and make important decisions by ourselves.  This is called being a leader.  It includes all of us every single day, on and off the job.  

What do I get?

  • Antarctic Mike will take you to Antarctica walking in Shackleton's footsteps

  • Learn practical and useful lessons to be a better leader, employee, spouse, parent, person.

  • 24/7 access to grow at your own pace

  • Certificates of completion

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Walking in the shoes of Shackleton, you too can keep conquering, every day in every way

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